we care about sustainability

We strive to have a positive environmental impact on a daily basis, from daily actions to structural investments.

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Product sustainability begins when it is designed: this is why we integrate this need throughout the production process.

A sustainable product is a product created and designed with a view to recyclability and durability.

We still repair machines that are 20 years old, demonstrating that our focus on environmental sustainability is a value innate and nurtured within our company. This approach, ingrained since our foundation, has evolved, as proven by the introduction of aluframein 2013 and the recent introduction of life cycle assessments (LCA) and circularity in the product development process.

being responsible to
our planet

We daily strive to identify measures that can reduce the impact of packaging and supplies with suppliers, ensuring that we have partners aligned with our vision.

Ivan Cattaneo

The wood our pallets are made of is FSC certified.

Paper and cardboard packaging is PEFC certified.

Our extruded aluminium profiles are made from recycled raw material.

The photovoltaic system supports our electricity needs

Our factory uses electricity 100% generated by renewable sources

a rapidly growing
level of circularity

The goal is to be able to objectively measure our environmental impact through benchmarking tools, thus becoming a reference point for the market.

We are able to pinpoint the impact of our activities on the environment by analysing each process individually, thus finding targeted solutions to improve sustainability. A guarantee for us and our partners, who know they have products they can rely on for a long time. These activities have led us to suddenly improve our level of circularity (from 51% in 2022 to 63% in 2023), which we constantly monitor with the support of a specialised company.

Ergo, a spin-off company of the Sant'Anna University in Pisa, provides consultancy focused on environmental and sustainability management for Companies, Products, Administrations, Clusters and Territories (defined as "IMPACT focus").

Environmental certifications

Safety, quality and sustainability in all their forms and applications are values for the company to pursue, every day.

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