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In December 1988, Rational Production was founded by Ivan and Diego Cattaneo and two other partners with the aim of offering innovative solutions in the field of meal distribution.


the very first oustastanding installation in Italy at the Le Scotte Hospitals of Siena. The start-up of 42 FRIOTRAY marks the beginning of the company's success on the domestic market.


Launch of UNITRAY, our first trolley with onboard technology for single hot-cold tray distribution.


the very first oustastanding installation in Europe at the Liegi CHC. The start-up of 65 UNITRAY and 360 UNISERV PLUS opens the doors to the international market.



COMMUNICATOR, an advanced food safety and hygiene monitoring and control system, is introduced. Rational Production is committed to ensuring the highest quality and regulatory compliance.


Rational Production moves to its current headquarters in Albano Sant'Alessandro, Italy.


An important milestone has been reached in Australia with the first outstanding installation at Lauceston Hospital, in Tasmania. The company has also established itself on the international market, gaining recognition beyond national borders.



E.V.O MULTI is launched, our first multi-portion distribution trolley for transporting and plating food directly where it is consumed.


Angelo Po takes over ownership to open a new chapter in the history of Rational Production and offer further opportunities for growth and development, remaining a shareholder until 2016.


Business expands into South East Asia, with several projects in Malaysia, allowing the company to reach customers and business partners in this region as well.



The first ISO 9001 certification is obtained for quality management.


DS-ONE, our first dissociated technology system (station + shuttle) for hot-cold single tray distribution, is launched.


The Albano Sant'Alessandro factory is doubled to increase production capacity and meet the growing demand for Rational Production products.


Business expands into the Middle East, with projects in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, bringing Rational Production solution excellence to this fast-growing region.



The aluframe concept is introduced for the new product range. Rational Production strives to offer innovative solutions that improve product recyclability and ease of repair.


The Rational Production brand embarks upon international markets, allowing the company to achieve a global presence and collaborate with customers around the world.


The new UNITRAY 2 range, enhanced in terms of design, ergonomics, technology and performance, is launched.


The first branch in France is opened, marking another important step in Rational Production's international growth. The new DSPRO System range is also launched, in line with the new focus on design, ergonomics, technologies and performance.


Company ownership changes hands to Rossella Po and Giorgio Tedeschi, bringing new energy and strategic vision. Rational Production is committed to corporate social responsibility.


The new EVOMULTI range is launched and receives the prestigious Reddot Award thanks to its construction concept able to meet the high demands of ergonomics and functionality.


Business expands into the North American market by obtaining ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation certifications for UNITRAY and DSPRO System products, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring compliance with the safety and sanitation standards required by this specific market.

ISO 45001 certification is obtained for occupational safety and health management.


EVOLITE, a temperature holding trolley that expands the range of products for multi-portion service, and WAKEUP, our first breakfast trolley, are launched.

The COMMUNICATOR software is enhanced with the cloud version for increasingly advanced monitoring.


Rational Production launches the Leanpossible project, striving to implement the Lean Manufacturing method to improve business process efficiency and quality.


ZEROEFFORT technology, an assisted handling option patented by Rational Production, is launched. The product range expands with the introduction of PROACT, a hybrid solution for distribution on tray and/or on GN containers.


Rational Production's commitment to reducing environmental impact is enhanced with activities aimed at measuring the level of circularity as part of a long-term circularity project. ISO 14001 certification is obtained for environmental management.


intelliflow, our new technology for intuitive and simple equipment control through a practical touch screen, is launched.

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