we are meal distribution specialists

We create high-performance, reliable and sustainable meal distribution solutions for the food service industry.

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we distribute food
in a healthy and safe way

We design, produce and market modular systems and solutions for food service meal maintenance, regeneration, transport and distribution in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our expertise in dealing with hot and cold temperatures combined with our multi-material construction knowhow allow us to respond to the market demand for ergonomic products for operators, to distribute meals with high standards of hygiene and compliance with HACCP temperatures, without sacrificing food quality.


how we become what we are

Our history is characterised by passion, innovation and a constant commitment to provide our customers with high quality solutions. We proudly reflect on our past and enthusiastically look to the future, ready to face new challenges and continue to grow together.

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here's what we believe in

Culture of improvement

We are committed to constantly seeking to improve, investing in research, innovation, and continuous training to offer better and better products and services.


We have adopted the 231 organisational model to monitor sensitive processes because it represents our ethical principles of transparency and respect for our customers, partners and collaborators.


We strive to operate sustainably, reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility and adopting ethical practices to preserve our planet for future generations.


We are flexible in our strategies and processes, adapting to market changes and our customers’ needs to provide tailored solutions.


Design and ergonomics are key to our products. We create solutions that improve usability, reduce operational errors and promote the well-being of operators by combining aesthetics and functionality.

we are always
by your side

We share our knowledge and know-how with industry consultants and companies who wish to optimise meal distribution process and system efficiency by integrating our products.

We offer continuous operational and consultancy support at all stages:

and Start-Up

We will always be by your side as a point of reference, providing constant and personalised technical and operational support.

We are also proud to support the Foodservice Consultants Society International, the international organisation specialised in design and management consulting in the catering and hospitality sector.

we are responsible

Responsibility is our guide to create a better future, respecting natural resources, valuing people and operating with integrity. We are determined to do our part for a sustainable and responsible world.



being responsible to
our planet

We strive to have a positive environmental impact on a daily basis, from daily actions to structural investments.

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being responsible to
our community

We are driven by the desire to create a positive social impact, working for the good of the community.

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being responsible to
our stakeholder

Our priority is to ensure safety, quality and integrity in every aspect of our work.

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